Hello world!

I’d never considered creating a blog. Who would me interested in reading my random thoughts? I’ve recently found myself contributing regularly to friends blogs and had ideas I wanted to discuss – but couldn’t – because my ideas were often off topic and I didn’t want to hijack someone else’s blog.

I hope my often random musings from Manchester might lead to equally meandering discussions – where people feel free to wander off topic as they please.


Until I actually start blogging check out my bookcrossing site instead: http://bookcrossing.com/referral/CrazyCrayfish … then keep your eyes peeled for releases in Manchester!

Speak soon!


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

    • Thanks for your support Lou. I was trying to keep the site a secret until I’d figured out what I was doing. lol. I apologise in advance if I screw things up!

      As I didn’t do a good job of hiding this site I guess this is the official soft launch. 🙂 I’m hoping people will feel comfortable submitting their own ideas and recommendations (for People and Events in Manchester etc), as well as joining in with any rambling conversations about anything connected with the city. It could take us pretty much anywhere so I’m hoping people will love the idea and want to join in. And often! 😉

  1. Hi Sam, I’m so sorry, I’ve done it again and got peoples names wrong. I’ve called you Dave, I get blonder everyday!! I definitely love the idea and will let you know any ideas or recommendations I have. It’s nice to see some Manchester love as it always seems to be London that gets bigged up, it’s great that your shedding light on a different city.

    • Sam. Dave. Fred. I really don’t mind 🙂 There’s no need to apologise – I’m hoping to stay anonymous so you can call me whatever [inoffensive] name that comes to mind.

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