Manchester Day

For the second year running Manchester held a parade to celebrate all things Mancunian.

A galleon, a Lancaster bomber and a giant Gulliver figure were the centrepieces of the parade and more than 70,000 people are estimated to have turned out for it. I have to say I’m glad I was one of them.

Manchester Day Parade- Sunday 19th June.

The theme this year was ‘A Voyage of Discovery’, following on from last years ‘Out of this World’ theme.

I overheard people discussing the acts, floats and models and trying to figure out what they were representing about the City. I think they missed the point. Although there were references to Manchester it wasn’t just about all things Mancunian – It was more about the people of Manchester– About 96 community groups and 3,000 walkers took part.

For me, it was about celebrating the community, the inclusion of groups and individuals of all ages and backgrounds and it was about celebrating what people can achieve when they all pull together.

If I’m wrong and all the papier-mâché models were actually supposed to represent something about Manchester, why was last year’s event full of aliens? Is there something the council wants to tell us?

(Which reminds me – I heard there’s an official parking space for space ships in one of Manchester’s public parks. When I remember which park I’ll post an update).

Did you go to the parade? Did you have a favorite section? I personally loved the papier-mâché-headed characters that all broke into synchronized dancing to Poker Face. Hilarious!


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