One Down, One Hundred To Go

I am now on the 10th day of the 101/1001 challenge. I have completed ONE task.

Despite being giddy and excitable in anticipation of the challenges I haven’t actually managed to achieve very much.

Or have I?

I have only completed one task but I’ve been discussing the challenges at length, weighing up my options and putting feelers out for some of the others. It seems everyone I show my list to wants to help me achieve my goals.

A few people have presented an easy way out. For example, I was enthusiastically encouraged to make fish cakes decorated in tartar sauce, thus completing tasks 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45 all in one fell swoop.

I won’t.

I don’t want the challenges to be easy. I’ll feel cheated if they’re easy. Experience has taught me that you only get out what you put in. For the challenges to be worthwhile and memorable I need to put thought and effort into each individual one.

If I was willing to cheat I could claim I’ve completed number 44: Learn how to bake and ice fancy cupcakes. You see, Blondie gave me an impromptu lesson last night but to be honest it was a farce:

First Attempt at Cup CakesI measured too much butter. I didn’t beat the butter before adding the sugar. Blondie added too much milk so we added more of the other ingredients randomly to compensate. The mixture was still too runny so we put it in the freezer to solidify. The biggest cheat of all is that Blondie did most of it for me, except for icing the buns.

Number 44: Well and truly FAILED. (Oops, I mean IN PROGRESS).


1001 days to complete 101 challenges: That works out at one challenge every 10 days.

Yesterday, on day 9, I really thought I was going to fail to tick anything off in my first segment. That was until Melanie from Silly Wrong but Vivid Right saved me by publishing her own Day Zero list.

It could be argued that I had already passed this challenge when Manchester’s Artistic Son signed up, but as he was so easily persuaded and published his list before I did I felt cheated. Now that I have inspired 2 people independently I can confidently say: Number 79 – TICK!

Although I have completed the challenge I will continue to persuade others to join in. I really thought that task would be much harder. Complete yes, but was it too easy? How about 101 new joiners on a pyramid scheme? What is the policy on bonus points anyway?


The task I assumed I would complete first was number 81: Send off for a photocard driving licence. That should be simple enough, right? I filled in the form, took and attached a passport photograph, gave them my passport details, did everything they asked of me – then they rejected my form. I was disappointed to say the least. Dave made the mistake of asking what was wrong with my application: You can read my rant here…


Several of my challenges are now in progress. Look at the Day Zero Project Tab for the full update:

  • I have read 5.7 cm worth of books towards reading my height (26);
  • I have ordered a Rubix Cube from Ebay (55);
  • I have stacks of used stamps ready to be cut out and donated to charity (34);
  • I am 21 days into writing a Diary In Six Words each day for 101 days (86). (I started this task on the day I decided to take the challenge. Day one reads “Started writing my Day Zero List.” That isn’t cheating, surely?)
  • I have registered 8 out of 10 books for World Book Night and I’m open to suggestions for what to nominate for the remaining two;
  • Plus I’ve started a few of the ‘list writing’ challenges.


I wrote earlier that people are volunteering to help me achieve my goals: I honestly thought number 82 (shear a sheep and / or feed a lamb and / or milk a cow) was going to be a wild card. I didn’t even know where to start with it and yet as soon as I mentioned it someone piped up and started making plans to speak to local farmers on my behalf. How unexpected and fantastic! Do you know who is sorting this one out for me? My Mum.


How wonderful is my Mum?!

I really should bake her a cake. (Number 45).


All comments welcome. 🙂


29 thoughts on “One Down, One Hundred To Go

    • Some people have put ‘finish choosing 101 task for my list’ as one of their challenges. Perhaps you could start with 50 and have that as 51?

      I’d love for you to join us. 🙂 You’ll be surprised at how supportive people are once you tell them what you’re doing.

      It took me 2 weeks to come up with 90 items (I haven’t finished my list either yet) but some people take several weeks. Why not brainstorm 50 or so items, publish your list (or discuss it here or on your own blog) and let others make some suggestions for you. You don’t have to agree to do them, but it might inspire you some more.

      Off the top of my head here are some ideas for you –
      1) Make your own party bunting (see the Strawberry Fool link I sent you)
      2) Design your own vintage style / personalised cups (can be printed by Boots – look for 2-4-1 offers)
      3) You enjoy photography so perhaps you could do the 365 challenge at (join for free – upload one photo per day for 365 days)
      4) Have one of your photographs blown up and printed onto canvas.
      5) Find a vintage cook book and try 3 recipes from it.

    • I have another challenge for you! I think you should attempt a Union Jack Battenburg cake! I’m very tempted to add it to my own list. If we both did it we could compare notes. 🙂

      I first read about it on the Gingerbread House blog ( but she got the recipe from the BBC here:

      Doesn’t it look fantastic?!

    • 50k not 40k? Pah! Then I’m out! That 10,000 makes all the difference. :-p

      What is / was the Great British Bakeoff? Don’t tell me it was in Manchester and I missed it? Was it good? How was the cider tasting charity event?

  1. Aggghhhh –
    Go on I-player tonight and watch the three episodes you’ve missed. Great British bakeoff, Tuesday nights BBC2, 7pm, superb, I don’t watch TV for about six months at a time, and I’m watching this, the last thing I turned my TV on for was Arctic with Bruce Parry, which I think was in January!!!

    Please don’t ask me about the cider night…..never ask me about the cider night………. ;-(

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