Do You Love MCR?

I Love MCR… Then Join Us On Sunday!

Mancunians are being urged to come together in a show of defiance this weekend, following the chaos caused by rioters last week.

Anyone who cares for the city is being asked to come together on Market Street, one of the areas worst hit by last week’s violence, at 2pm on Sunday and raise their I Love MCR poster* for what is being dubbed ‘the Manchester Moment’.

Sunday’s ‘moment’ is expected to generate a party atmosphere, with music played out over loudspeakers as crowds gather to show their support. We want to send a message to the world that the region’s spirit will always prevail.

“This is a real opportunity to reclaim our reputation and show the world what real Mancunians are. At 2pm on Sunday we want everyone to come together and hold up their posters to show the world Manchester is back in business.” Coun Pat Karney, Manchester City Council Spokesman 


The show of unity follows the outpouring of public pride that has been generated by the I Love MCR campaign, launched by the Arndale Centre and Marketing Manchester. The campaign’s aim is to show the world that the people of Manchester are proud of their city and united against anti-social behaviour.

Hey Little Cupcake Loves MCR

Hey Little Cupcake Loves MCR, with 50% of profits from these cupcakes going to ForeverManchester

More than 5,500 people have backed the campaign online, with people like me changing their profile photographs to display the logo. Now the logo is to appear on buses, billboards, lamp-posts and hoardings, in a defiant message to the looters that the city’s spirit is unbreakable.

Huge billboards have already been erected on Chester Road and the Mancunian Way, while the slogan has also appeared at Manchester Airport and in shops, businesses and private homes across the region.


To help Mancunians get to the ‘Manchester Moment’ the M.E.N. has printed a voucher today for unlimited free travel across the Metrolink network (all zones) on Sunday 21st August. The voucher is valid for up to two adults and three children under 16 between 10am and 6pm.

The offer is aimed at getting people back into the city centre and to boost trade in shops, bars and restaurants hit by the disorder.


We celebrated with the Manchester Day Parade in June, just before the International Festival and now Mancunians are being encouraged to celebrate the city again:

The ‘We Love MCR Day’ is taking place on Friday 26th August, when Mancunians are being asked to wear or display the ‘I Love MCR’ logo with pride.

Expect street parties, discounts in shops, deals in restaurants and much more. A Facebook page has been set up for people to suggest ways of showing love for the city.

  • ‘I Love MCR’ t-shirts are available from the Arndale and online at The Manchester Store.
  • Free ‘I Love MCR’ wallpapers are available from ForeverManchester
  • * Posters are free in today’s M.E.N. newspaper or you can pick up one from temporary stalls in the Arndale Centre.

See you on Sunday! All comments are welcome 🙂


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