Christmas is nearly upon us, followed by the New Year a week later. Where did December go? With only 4 days left until Christmas you might be a little too busy thinking about last minute shopping, buying a turkey or wrapping presents to think about getting published…

…If however, seeing your own words in print sounds like the ideal Christmas present to yourself this should interest you:

Cutaway is an exciting Manchester based magazine which is looking for people to submit their own poetry and prose in the New Year to be published in the summer. (OK, so make that a belated Christmas present to yourself).

Here is Dave Schofield’s guest blog about Cutaway Magazine:

Ernest Hemmingway wrote:

“There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly: sometimes it’s like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges.”

I have a similar relationship to my writing as I have with food. Sometimes I can have a perfect meal and be content, sometimes I sit with a chocolate smeared face shouting ‘I HATE YOU!’ at the bathroom scales. Either way I need it.

And there just can’t be too many places to publish these days, since everyone says how hard it is to get in print. Electronic publishing / on demand / pdfs etc all make it harder on those who want to see their poem or story as an actual thing they can keep on a shelf – not just an email address they submit to and just get a link in return. It’s not quite the same. Hence Cutaway.


Cutaway is a new Manchester based literary fiction / genre magazine, looking for poetry and prose from around the world. We are open for submissions on January 1st, and will close to them on March 1st and publish around the beginning of May.

We expect a lot of submissions from the local area based on the vibrant literary scene – what with an abundance of local blogs, Bad Language spoken word nights, growing publishers like Comma Press and Nightjar Press, literature festivals galore and all the other events which evidence a glut of avid writers tucked around the conurbation – not to mention the recent flurry of activity with the poetically named NANOWRIMO.

You can check the website out for more information and our contact details, but take this as advanced warning – forget Christmas and New Year – get some paper and a pen and start scribbling.

To get an idea of what we’re looking for check out the blog posts on the cutaway website. Cutaway will be available for purchase on demand via Amazon and through selected retailers in Greater Manchester.

If plenty of Mancunian writers are inspired to join in there might be a get together at the launch in May next year in the Northern Quarter, with reading, drinking and lots of cheering and clapping.


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