I have been living in Manchester City Centre for over 5 years and I love it here. There is always something going on – and often it’s free.

I have a billion subscriptions and I’m constantly updating my friends about what’s happening around the city – Unusual events and activities, what deals restaurants and bars are having, new places that are opening etc.

So one of the main purposes for starting this blog was to create a space where I could post updates about what’s going on in and around the city. My hope is that other people will post events too. The more the merrier. Its fun getting involved with whatever’s happening but it’s more fun to share the experience by getting other people involved too.

You will find that I update the ‘Manchester Events’ page most frequently. There isn’t a subscription for that page so you should come back often to check it out. Please feel free to add your own events or comment on anything posted.

Likewise, I will be posing any ‘Deals and Bargains’ I come across. Again, comments and suggestions are most welcome.

For me it really is the more the merrier – If you know about something I’ve missed please post details in a comment – If you go along to any of the events let me know what you thought in a comment – If there’s anything about Manchester you want to discuss post a comment.

As for the blog page – Everything I write about will be something to do with my life in Manchester. Writing this blog is a bit like writing letters to my friends: Sometimes I might have an opinion I want to share, sometimes it might be a review, sometimes it might seem like a journal entry.

I called the blog Manchester Meanders because I hope people will feel free to contribute so we can have meandering threads and discussions about anything and everything Manchester related. 

I’m open to ideas and I’d love to hear from you.



Feel free to contact me by email at: ManchesterMeanders @ gmail.com  (without the spaces!)

Or follow the blog on Twitter at: @SammyDeeMM



9 thoughts on “About

  1. Awesome blog! I too LOVE all the awesome things that are Always going on… don’t even get me started on the market scene!

    • No no, please DO get started on the market scene! 🙂 I tend to just stumble across them every now and then. If you know something we don’t please share!

    • Hi Jane. I’m always pleased to find other Manchester bloggers. 😀 I’m now subscribed to both of your blogs (I think – assuming I did it right…)

      Feel free to comment or add your own Deals & Bargains or Events to these pages, or to stop by whenever you feel like natter about anything remotely linked with Manchester. (Some of our discussions are very tenuously connected – but that’s fine by me!) x

  2. Hi matey, for some reason I’ve only just discovered this its great, I always like to see what’s happening in Manchester as I live in Spain and when I come home I like to know what’s going on great blog xxx Sabina

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