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This page is dedicated to events and activities happening in Manchester. It won’t be comprehensive by any means, there are plenty of websites you can subscribe to for What’s on Guides, instead I will be highlighting the slightly unusual events that interest me that you might not be aware of.

You won’t automatically be sent updates from this page if you subscribe to the blog so some back often to see what’s new.

Feel free to add your own events or activities to this page. The more the merrier!


92 thoughts on “Manchester Events

  1. MANCHESTER DAY PARADE – Sunday 10th June at 2pm

    This years Manchester Day Parade to celebrate all things Manchester “The Sky’s the Limit”… a celebration of heroic achievements.

    It’s a parade not to be missed, so check out the website at

    Previous parades have been colourful, wacky and totally wonderful. It’s worth making a trip into the city for. See you there!

  2. USWIM IS BACK – Open air swimming at Salford Quays

    Blurb: “As the open water warms up and becomes even more enjoyable to be in, you’re invited to join our sessions, get fit and improve your technique. Whether you’re training for a ‘Great Swim’, triathlon or the English Channel you’re welcome at our friendly swim venues at Dock 9, MediaCity, Salford Quays (Wed / Sat) and Boundary Water park (Thurs / Sun).”

    There are a variety of courses and options available, so if you fancy taking a dip this summer visit or register at


    Fancy a break from the usual Northern Quarter street parties for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee? I love the sound of what the Black Lion have planned:

    Blurb: “Salford’s creative pub The Black Lion will be hosting a ‘Conspiracy Corner’, complete with ‘lizard’ cakes, tin foil hats and the more questionable Prince Philip quotes posted on its walls.

    “Alongside its more traditional street-party celebrations being held at the pub, conspiracy corner will be dimly lit like a den, with punters invited to wear tin-foil hats and scary masks.

    “This more oddball event will be put on by Future Artists, a film studio based in the Salford pub.”

    “It’s light-hearted really. We wanted to represent an alternative Jubilee for people who want to do something away from the accepted norm,” said Mark Ashmore, director at Future Artists.

    There will also be snippets from popular conspiracy theorist David Icke on its tables.

    “We are of course making tea and cake and Pimms jugs along with barbeque food and are more usual celebrations at The Black Lion – it is called the People’s Party. But because it’s called the People’s Party, it needs to represent an alterative idea. We just thought Conspiracy Corner might be unique, and give space to that which is different… the lizard cakes were just a funny addition.”

    How cool does that sound?! Visit for more Black Lion, Salford news.


    I love treasure hunts.

    Of course, if you’re a regular reader you already know that. (Read “The Great Manchester Scavenger Hunt” here:

    One of my Day Zero Project challenges is to complete a treasure hunt so I’m delighted that Oakley has decided to launch one in Manchester:

    “Starting on 22st July 2012, [in Manchester on the 23rd] the Treasure Hunt Challenge will mix social media interaction with real-life engagement. This high energy campaign will encourage fans to find and win exclusive Oakley Heritage products hidden in six secret ‘design’ inspired venues around the UK.

    “Clues will be delivered through a bespoke tab on the Oakley Europe Facebook Page ( and highlighted on an interactive map. Once the final clue has been revealed, the race will be on to find these heritage prizes.

    “Six Treasure Hunt winners will be entered into a Grand Prize Draw for a money-can’t-buy, once in a lifetime experience to rub shoulders with some of the world’s leading athletes at Oakley’s Safehouse. The Grand Prize winner will also be able to enjoy the Oakley sponsored ‘Designed To Win’ exhibition at London’s Design Museum – showcasing innovative sports equipment and celebrating the ways in which design has helped shaped the world of sport.”

    Sound interesting?

    For the chance to participate in the Treasure Hunt Challenge and to be updated on all the latest Oakley news, simply visit & like or follow #OwnAPieceOfHistory via

    For more information about the Designed to Win exhibition, please visit

    Do you think you might give it a try?


    Chris Sweets

    ‘Future Artists’ is quickly approaching their 1 year anniversary at The Black Lion pub on Chapel Street. To mark the occasion they will be holding a unique social experiment in their pub…

    They are encouraging (and demanding) that arts graduates, people in the creative and digital industries – but particularly those who feel restricted from making their first step – to gather and help decide what teaching programmes, films and music nights should be held at the venue which would best benefit Salford.

    Prior to their Not Part Of The Bullingdon Club festival (1st to 7th October), they are asking for suggestions, input and ideas and for new co-operatives and community groups to help decide the future and keep the pub alive.

    (I love this about the Black Lion and Future Artists: I love that their aim is to be a centre of arts in the community and that they want everyone to get involved!

    The Black Lion looks after its local community by providing art films at cheaper ticket prices, supporting local bands and musicians and by helping graduates from Greater Manchester who are still looking for work to find experience. Why oh why didn’t they exist when I was a penniless design graduate desperately seeking work experience?!)

    I digress…

    Mark Ashmore, MD of Future Artists said: “In the absence of any support from government bodies and a real lack of opportunities for local people, we want to encourage people to form their own coalition of artists in our pub, and decide what the venue could be used for.”

    “Inviting artists to come to an open-day where people can debate and discuss how to move the venue forward.”

    Fantastic hey?

    Do you have any ideas and suggestions for The Black Lion / Future Artists?

    (P.S. Future Artists have invited Salford artist ‘Starvin Artist’ to launch a new gallery to celebrate The Black Lion, with the artist having previously donated artwork to the pub for all the locals. The gallery launch will include pictures from Manchester illustrator Barney Ibbotson and Chris Howker. – The picture above? That’s one by Chris).

    • Wow! I didn’t realise I’d made the picture so big! I love it though so I’m not shrinking it (unless you ask me to).

      Here’s one by Barney… Thanks guys!

      Barney Pterodactyl

    • Just a reminder – The Black Lion are currently celebrating their 1st birthday so get on down over the next few days to celebrate with them.

      Happy Birthday Black Lion!

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