Day Zero Project

The Challenge:

Complete 101 preset personal challenges in a period of 1001 days. Challenges must be specific and unambiguous, realistic and demanding.

1001 Days is about 2.75 years. This means I will have several seasons (and hopefully multiple opportunities) in which to complete the tasks.

Why am I doing this?:

Because it sounds fun. Because I take things for granted. Because as a child my dad told me to “Live Every Day of Your Life”.

Other people doing the 101 / 1001 challenge:

My 1001 days commenced at midnight on the 7th August 2011. I have until 6th May 2014. Here is my list:

1 Go on a real, pre-planned picnic (with a blanket, home-made food and drinks)
2 Do a Santa Run or Santa Dash (Manchester has 3)
3 Do 50 hours volunteering with MEV (Manchester Event Volunteers)
4 Go ice skating and actually enjoy it
5 Buy hiking boots (Father Christmas might be bringing me some!) 
6 Do a day hike with either Blondie, Large or MAD
7 Hike up to the peak of Snowdonia, preferably from sea level, on Watkins Path
8 Go skiing (Dry slope is acceptable)
9 Abseil, preferably off a tall building in Manchester
10 Participate in a Zombie Walk (The 2011 walk was cancelled)
11 Participate in a Flash Mob (the fun kind, not the illegal kind e.g. dance or theatre)
12 Go in a hamster ball either on land or water (Zorbing)
13 Create or go on a scavenger hunt
14 Try white water rafting
15 Enter a Dragon Boat race
16 Go for a wild swim
17 Successfully fly a kite
18 Use my competition prize to have a free photo shoot. DONE! Completed on 26/08/11. Now to choose which photograph to keep…
19 Use free weights for 5 out of 7 days for a month
20 Hula hoop for 5 out of 7 days for a month
21 Have a session on a climbing wall or go rock climbing. DONE!
22 Go caving or pot-holing
23 Play pub golf with Blondie
24 Watch a film at an outdoor cinema
25 Read a book by 10 different authors from 10 different countries
26 Read my height in books (Read 10.1 cm so far)
27 Read Anne Franks diary (I don’t want to but think I should) (Asked Claire if I can borrow it)
28 Read The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin (Started reading on 30/08/11 – still reading it on 21/12/11)
29 Bookcross a further 20 books (5 / 20)
30 Choose and register 10 books for World Book Night DONE! – Plus I’ve registered my interest for April 2012 to give books away.
31 Redecorate the bathroom
32 Paint the kitchen
33 Put the apartment on the market
34 Collect and donate 10,000 used stamps to charity (Started but not cut out or counted yet – I have sent 6,000 so far)
35 Change all the copper we’ve collected into ‘real’ money
36 Eat at Lounge 10 (Boudoir restaurant)
37 Eat at Gaucho (Argentine steak, steak and more steak)
38 Eat at The Hellfire (Horror restaurant – closing later this year)
39 Eat the TV21 Challenge Burger 
40 Learn how to gut a fish (and actually try it myself)
41 Buy and cook something from the Arndale Centre Fish Market
42 Have a cooking lesson
43 Learn (and practise) how to decorate a cake (birthday / Christmas etc)
44 Learn how to bake and ice fancy cupcakes DONE! See the photo here!
45 Bake a cake for my Mum. DONE! Baked a Batternburg and a Mederia cake.
46 Host a ‘regressive’ dinner party (Start with dessert, end with aperitif)
47 Use the slow cooker 5 times (for something other than rice cooking)
48 Try foods from 10 countries I haven’t tried before
49 Cook 5 unusual foods / recipes. e.g. Pigeon
50 Try 10 new usual foods / meats e.g. Zebra!
51 Try 10 new recipes, in addition to the 5 unusual recipes
52 Have an archery lesson
53 Have a fencing lesson 
54 Have a zumba lesson
55 Learn how to solve a Rubik Cube. DONE! I still need to refer to my notes at the end to finish it but that’s as close as I’m going to get. 
56 Make a serious attempt to learn a language over a minimum of 3 months
57 Book driving lessons
58 TAKE driving lessons (last time I paid for them but didn’t do them)
59 Learn how to curl my own hair so that it looks good and not like something from the 80s (Tried twice: Burned my ear 3 times and my finger once. I was able to go out in public with it the second time but it needs improvement).
60 Visit Whitworth Art Gallery 
61 Visit the Cornerhouse Gallery 
62 Visit Manchester Art Gallery
63 Visit the Lowry Art Gallery 
64 Visit the Imperial War Museum
65 Visit the Manchester Museum 
66 Visit John Rylands Library
67 Visit Jodrell Bank
68 Do the tunnel tour under Stockport (Air Raid Shelters). DONE!
69 Go to see The Lion King at the West End
70 Visit Amsterdam
71 Visit Ireland
72 Visit an Ice Bar
73 Sow a sock monkey
74 Make a photo book
75 Donate blood
76 Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet (13/26)
77 Tie a note to a balloon and let it go
78 Make a wish at 11:11 on November 11, 2011. DONE! I’m not telling what I wished for!
79 Influence a person to make a Day Zero / 101-1001 list DONE! AND THEM SOME! Hurray! (16/08/11) Dave / Manchester’s Artistic Son and Melanie / Silly Wrong But Vivid Right) Plus Lou, Carole, 3 of Caroles friends and 1 out of 2 of Dave’s friends.
80 Send a message in a bottle
81 Send off for a photocard driving licence DONE! I have recieved both the licence and my birth certificate safe and sound. 
82 Shear a sheep and / or feed a lamb and / or milk a cow (Been making enquiries. Fingers crossed!) 
83 Agree to do something I really don’t want to do (Difficult task as I’m willing to try most things) DONE! I was interviewed live on BBC Radio Manchester.
84 Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
85 Leave an inspirational note inside a book (or other object) for someone to find
86 Keep a “My Day in Six Words” journal for 101 days. DONE!
87 Make a list of 101 things I have already achieved (46 / 101)
88 Persuade someone to do a guest piece for my blog. DONE! Read Cutaway. (Melanie might…) (Lou might…)
89 Publish 101 blog posts (26 / 101)
90 List 101 things that make me happy DONE – Completed on 31/08/11
91 Be nominated as a torch bearer for the London Olympics DONE – I received an email to say I had been nominated on 23/08/11. (80% of torch bearers are under 24 years of age so the chance of actually being selected is very low). Update: In December I received an email to say I’ve actually been selected! I will be carrying the torch somewhere between Kendle and Blackpool! I’m thrilled!
92 Bake bread – A type that needs to be left to rise. Banana bread doesn’t count.
93 Complete 101 random acts of kindness (9 / 101)

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