Mini Manchester Musings

…And so another hectic week is coming to a close. The downside to working fulltime and having several projects on the go is that it interferes with my blogging. :-p It’s a good thing you don’t know I secretly planned to publish a Day Zero update every ten days. (Oops. Pretend you didn’t read that.) I promise to [try to] update you on my progress next week.

I’ve stumbled across several news items in the past week which I wanted to share with you. I’ve posted a few of them on the Deals & Bargains and the Events pages – after all, those pages are the reason I started this blog.

In case you don’t subscribe to those pages here are some snippets that caught my eye:


Simple Street Party: American Funfair

If you’re looking for something to do this Sunday how about joining Simple as they celebrate 10 years in the Northern Quarter? From noon until 8pm, Tib Street will be closing for a 50s style American Funfair with cheerleaders, carnival stalls, fairground rides and Pink Ladies. (It’s on my doorstep so it would be rude not to go…)

They will be taking donations on the gate for local charities and giving away prizes for the best 50s dressed guest. Read more here.

The Black LionBlack Lion to Re-open with its own Cinema

The Black Lion pub on Chapel Street is frequently opening and closing and opening and closing. It’s a great little pub but it never seems to stay open for very long. My friends and I toyed with the idea of buying it ourselves and making better use of the upstairs. It appears someone else had the same idea:

The Black Lion will reopen shortly [they’re not sure when] and hopes to draw in the coffee-drinking lap-top crowd [rather than the ale drinking punters?]. Upstairs is being turned into a cinema which will focus on screening the latest in British cinema, to rival the Cornerhouse’s European Cinema.

The concept sounds interesting. 🙂 I’ve no doubt my friends and I will be there to drink them along. Read more here.

OktoberfestAlbert Square Oktoberfest

The Manchester Food and Drink Festival is nearly upon us and this year it’s kicking off with Oktoberfest. From Friday 7th to Wednesday 12th October Albert Square will house a pop-up Bier Keller with steins of Veltin’s Bavarian beers and traditional Bavarian and German sharing platters. The festival is free but the beer and food isn’t.

I’m going. How about you? Read more here.


Relish Greater Manchester Cookbook

New to the bookshelves is Relish: Greater Manchester and Cheshire: a collection of 60 recipes to celebrate some of the top restaurants and some of the regions most high profile chefs including; Andrew Nutter from Nutters Restaurant in Rochdale, Harvey Nichols Second Floor Manchester Restaurant and Room Restaurant in Manchester. Along with the recipes the book contains wine recommendations and a hand-picked Larder Guide of the region’s best local suppliers.

I probably haven’t eaten in half of the restaurants listed in the cookbook – I suppose I could settle for trying their recipes at home instead. Read more here.

Be Proud, Love Manchester

“The Be Proud Awards are a celebration of Manchester’s heroes, rewarding volunteering excellence and outstanding spirit in our communities. This is your opportunity to recognise those who have worked hard to change and improve the lives of others.” If you would like to nominate anyone for the Be Proud Awards check out the website here.

Meditating Flash Mob

‘Participate in a Flash Mob’ is on my 101/1001 list, so imagine how disappointed I was to learn that I missed one in my home town yesterday. Mancunian blogger Minusonemoose wandered around the city centre taking photographs of people meditating for International Day of Peace.

I’m very sorry I missed it. If anyone hears any rumours of any Flash Mobs in Manchester or in the North West please will you give me a heads up? (sulk)

Scary PumpkinHalloween Walking Weekend

Large Outdoors are a friendly outdoor pursuits and social group with offices on Port Street in Manchester. (It’s opposite Port Street Beer House. Have I mentioned it? It’s a great little new pub!)

As part of their walking / hiking club they have arranged an alternative Halloween weekend at the ruined Barden Tower just outside Skipton. (Fri 28th – Sun 30th Oct).

For £65 you get two days of fully guided walks in the Yorkshire Dales, two nights bunk house accommodation, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and an evening meal on Saturday night. One of my Day Zero Challenges is to do a hike with this bunch. Now I just need to persuade someone to come with me…


Do It Yourself Taxidermy, LIVE in Stockport

I had to scrape my jaw off the desk when Tillybud mentioned this on her blog earlier this week. If the post about Charles Darwin’s Gourmet Club didn’t turn you to vegetarianism then this will:

On the Arts Council website it reads:

“This time we’re going to town with lazers, smoke machines and wall to wall projectors… not forgetting the all important stuffing.”

…“Delivered in a ‘shopping channel’ style” [ed -WHAT ON EARTH?] “She gives you handy hints & tips… where to source animal parts legally & personal preservation methods, giving a unique insight into this seemingly dark art and mind of an artist.”

I don’t know about you but I’m speechless.

Any plans for the weekend? All comments welcome. 🙂